Friday, January 1, 2016

Interim Post

We are currently traveling through Taiwan on a brief holiday. Internet is hotel-dependent since our phones are Japan-exclusive so this is a bite-sized blog to hold you over till I can make a full-sized post in a few days. Because, obviously, you've been sitting by your phone just WAITING for me to post again...obviously. #delightfuldelusions

Here are the thingz: (thingz was originally a typo but then I liked it so now I'm three degrees cooler than I was before)

I have now been out of my home country for the longest amount of time yet. I've studied abroad twice for 5 weeks each, but as we complete our 6th week away this is the longest at one time. And we're still two years away from Stateside Life. 

Some things I've realized about my Western Self:
1. I love red brick. It's familiar and homey and almost completely missing from Asian architecture. Yes, I realize this is a resources issue and that red brick isn't really "American" inherently, but it's representative and I'm ok with that. 
2. I love yards. Big green, grassy, annoying-to-mow yards. I want to run in one...right now. 
3. I miss red hair...and blonde hair. And blue eyes. And green eyes. I know, it's silly, but these brunette around here rule the roost and a "homogenous society" is starting to make more sense...

You can still take bad pictures on a good camera. And I don't mean the blurred-is-kind-of-in-right-now-I-can-make-this-work kind of bad. I mean the kind where if you got three of four of these on a roll of film, you just wasted almost 20% of your money spent. 

"That was a tourist trap. We just got tourist trapped!" -Oakie (about the fresh fruit stand)

Classroom flashback: I feel possessive of seats that I've sat in one time. Like I walk back on the tour bus and see someone in "my" seat and I'm all ready to tell them there's been a terrible mistake and THEY'VE TAKEN MY SEAT when Oakie reminds me we're supposed to be rotating through the bus and all I can think is, "But I miss my friends!" #attachmentissues

Ok. That's all I got. Byeeeee.  


  1. First of all, I AM the one sitting by my laptop waiting for you to post again. Even though I'm reading this particular post late because New Year, New York, no laptop. But seriously, I typically check your blog everyday even though you've only stated you were posting weekly. #notadelusion #sisterstalker

    Second of all, I so feel you on the seat possession issue. Don't people know how life works?!

    Third of all, well, I don't really have a third of all except I can't wait to come visittttttt!

    1. You save me from a life of of comically overstated popularity and I love you for it.

      Hannah, you must come. ASAP. So much to show you. LOVE YOU!

    2. Well, I'm here for ya, babe.

      When is the warmest time to come visit? Because I'm done with cold.

    3. Haha, mid-summer is HOT so...then?