Saturday, February 6, 2016

Snow. Monkeys.

Need I say more? 

What's that you say?
This is a blog where I literally have to say more or it's all over?
Well, in THAT case:

Y'all. We went to see snow monkeys. Macaques to be exactsssss... (oh, you would've made a better joke?? *cough* whatever *cough*...)

I could talk a lot about how cute they were or how they made me consider kidnapping the babies; about how doleful their little faces were (except for Mean'll meet him later); about how it was like a zoo except someone left the gate open and you snuck into the enclosure; about how Oakie TOUCHED TWO OF THEM AND I WAS SCARED FOR MY HIS LIFE; about how walking in the snow made me feel like a winter princess (which I've now decided should be called a Wintress because magic); about how I considered joining this tribe of primates whose whole life is eating & chilling in onsens (hot springs) & I strategised ways that they would accept me as one of their own; but I won't spend an entire paragraph on all of that...............

I'l show you the pictures instead. 
First of all: This is what my house looked like a couple weeks back. 
I've NEVER lived anywhere with this much snow. 

 Second of all: Here are all my artsy snow pictures.
humor me.

 Third of all: This is the walk we took to the monkeys. 
See what I mean about the Wintress thing??

I half expected to meet Mr. Tumnus while we were out & about.
It seemed just his sort of place...

 Also, don't you kinda just wish you lived in this little place in the Japanese snow?
I know I sure do.
I daydreamed about it for a solid ten minutes.

OH. You're just here for the snow monkeys so would I please just get to the point & leave you be in your monkey-lovin' life?
Oh...oh yeah. Sure. 
My apologies for keeping you waiting.

And my personal favourite picture of the day: 
This completely unintentional action shot that I discovered when going through my pictures after the fact.
Aw guys, staaaahhhp. 
National Geographic is WAY out of my league.
 Doesn't this just look like the most relaxing thing?
 I watched this little guy for quite a while as he groomed an older monkey.
He was so diligent & hardworking andohmygoshthatspikyhairrrrrrr.

 And monkey feet. 
If this picture doesn't just make you happy...
 This was the one I would've kidnapped...
Look at that crooked little smirk.
 And monkey butts are funny, I don't care WHO you are...
 They were WERKIN' that camera.
That guy got the footage of a lifetime.
 These are Oakie's feet.
And if that doesn't seem scary to you, check out ol' Mean Mug.
But then you see these babies & you totally forget how scared Mean Mug made you...
 Don't you want to wear your mom as a coat sometimes??
 And my final shot of the day, this handsome guy.
So pensive. 
So snow-freckled.
 And then there's this picture in the guest house, because OF COURSE the monkeys aren't playing with iPhones when YOU'RE taking pictures.
But also, awwwwwwwwww.

Meet me back here next week for a glimpse at the outta-this-world Japanese strawberries we got to pick & a summary of our first Sumo wrestling experience (that I'm personally calling Our Launch Into a Lifelong Love of Sumo Wrestling/New Hobby Day).

all the love from me & the monkeys.


  1. CAROLIIIINE!! Right BEFORE I read what you wrote about meeting Mr. Tumnus, I actually thought to myself, "Look like a scene straight outta Narnia." #notkidding #kindredspirits

    Also, that last picture you took, on point. National Geographic's got nothin' on you, girl.

    1. Looks* like a scene. Oy. Sorry about the hasty publish there.

    2. And while I'm correcting myself, I actually would have put a colon instead of a comma after "that last picture you took: on point."

    3. Hannah.
      Your comments made me laugh out loud.

  2. Great photo of the snow freckled guy.

  3. You are having such a wonderful adventure. Snow or monkeys would be amazing all by themselves, but snow monkeys? Only in the magical, wonderful world of Caroline. Miss you! xoxo!

    1. The adventure of a lifetime!
      You're the best. I just told one of my Japanese friends all about Sherlock's today because she saw it on my fb page & studied English Lit in college & loved Mr. Holmes. She was only a tad disappointed that we didn't ACTUALLY play Holmes & Watson ;)

    2. Ha! Yes, I don't think we could pull it off. We opened a new show at the RiverMill last weekend. JJ and I are going to travel down to see it in a couple of weeks. We will miss seeing you. sniff.

    3. Oh that's exciting! I'm glad you'll get to see Jim! I will miss being there. It feels like the time of year I should be rehearsing ;) Send everyone my love!

  4. wintress. nice.

    that monkey with the phone.

    your captions are spot on.

    1. I'm starting a novel by the same name (not really, but WHO KNOWS?)

      Monkeys with phones will always win.

      Thank you & miss you.
      #cometojapan #butforreal #wewilltakeyoutothemonkeys